Menu Plan Monday

As I said, I plan my week on a Sunday night (or Monday pre-morning, if you prefer).

I roasted a chicken in the slow cooker yesterday, and we had the drumsticks and wings along with potato salad, cucumber & bread in the park for supper along with home made Sultana Loaf (recipe makes two).

This week, we are having:


  • Hotdog for the small person, bread & cheese & fruit for grownups
  • Pressure cooker risotto using stock from slow-cooker roasted chicken (3/4 cup rice feeds two adults) plus chicken sandwich for miss picky


  • Chicken Mayo wraps, with coleslaw for grownups
  • Chilli from the freezer with rice (sadly, small person can’t cope with hot spice yet, so hers will probably be various raw veg with cheese, again)



  • Bread with cubed cheese, raisins & chopped apple (known as hamster mix in our house)
  • Pasta & cheese sauce


  • Chicken Mayo wraps, with coleslaw for grownups
  • Sausages, mash & peas


  • Banana Pancakes (crumpets) from the freezer (recipe to follow)
  • Bean Goulash with rice (new recipe, so will have a fallback of something else for miss picky)


  • Microwave baked potatoes with tuna salad
  • Chicken & sausage cobbler (with a little bacon from the freezer instead of the sausage) using the left over chicken breast meat from the past weekend’s roast chicken.  This is basically a chicken pie with savoury scones for topping instead of pastry.  Very tasty, and very filling too!

I’m feeding two adults (one male, one female) and a 5yo who has had reflux issues.

See what other people are doing over on Menu Plan Monday with Orgjunkie.

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