Menu Plan Monday: A new approach

I’ve started a new job with lots of new stuff to learn, and am finding it hard to settle down to planning every week.  So, for a while at least, we’re going to be on a predictable round of meals.  If we get bored, well, I’ll change things around a little, but this is the basic outline.


  • non-branded shreddies / chocolate weetabix for small
  • 1/2 cup of mix made from Lidl musli (750g) with added porridge oats (250g) soaked in milk / bread & marmalade for big


  • biscuits (bought custard creams and ginger nut biscuits; might make oatie biscuits if there’s time)
  • apples
  • satsumas
  • bread-and-jam

To drink:

  • water
  • tea / decaf tea / bush tea / coffee (big)
  • ribena (small)
  • milk (small)


  • sultana loaf / banana bread / girdle scones / muffins (all can be frozen)
  • Pressure cooker rice pudding (once you add in the prep & heating / cooling time, it’s closer to 20 mins than the 9 she quotes, but hey it’s still quick)
  • natural yogurt and cake-decorating sprinkles (stir to make rainbows in your bowl)
  • ice cream cone

Main Meals:


  • school dinner (£1.80) / bean burger leftovers or soup
  • pressure cooker risotto (still working on getting small person to eat this – she likes rice pudding, so…?)


  • Chicken mayo wrap (from frozen cooked chicken leftovers) / risotto leftovers
  • Poached egg / Omelettes with boiled potatoes ( make extra for tomorrow’s lunches)


  • potato salad (or coleslaw?) with cheese cubes (small person gets an after-school extra meal as she has dance class – possibly egg mayo?)
  • bean goulash (or my modified version of Butternut, spinach & chickpea curry without the chilli) & rice


  • hotdog / leftover bean goulash or soup
  • pasta & cheese sauce with carrot sticks for crunch


  • Tuna wrap or hamster mix / leftover pasta or soup, depending on quantities
  • Baked potatoes with cheese (small) or tuna salad (big)


  • Potato soup with carrot & milk instead of yogurt (small person had seconds, so this is definitely on the menu!)
  • Sausage & mash OR slow cooker roast chicken


  • Soup of some description (small person does NOT like tomato)
  • Bean burgers served in muffins or on rice (may not work for small person so fish fingers a reliable option)

Just a reminder: I’m cooking for two adults (one female, one male) and a 5yo with a history of reflux who would still happily live on milk alone.

Reference link of the week: Things to do with powdered milk.

Hop over to Menu Plan Monday on to see what everyone else has got planned.


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