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Menu plan Monday: 29 July 2013

Last week’s plan had a few modifications, but having the plan meant I never had to scrabble for food, or wonder if I had all the ingredients I needed for a particular meal.  What with the pair of us juggling shifts and childcare, that is a very good thing!

We didn’t manage to get to the cobbler, despite me thawing out the chicken and bacon on Sunday, so that’s on the list for this week again….


  • Potato salad for small person, left over Bean Goulash & rice for me, DH will eat at work (this has already fed us once for dinner, and once for lunch in pita breads)
  • frozen pizza at £3 for 3 from Farmfoods (we’ll use two) as we won’t get in until after 6pm and I didn’t plan well enough to have something in the slow cooker


  • hot dogs for small person, left over Pressure Cooker Risotto for me & DH
  • Baked potatoes & home-made coleslaw & cheese for me, baked potato and cheese for small person, DH eats at work


  • chicken mayo wrap for small person, home made coleslaw & bread/cheese for me & DH
  • potato & chickpea curry (using a jar of jalfrezi sauce I found in the cupboard) for grownups, boiled eggs for small person


  • Tuna mayo wrap for small person, leftover curry (I hope) for me & DH
  • Chicken cobbler as planned for last week.  I’ve already made the stew, so all that remains to do is make the scone topping and bake.


  • Ham sandwiches for all of us, with coleslaw for grownups
  • poached eggs – both eggs and bread need to be used up!


  • morning concert for summer dance school means we will be out – picnic lunch of home made houmous/pita for grownups & hotdog for small person with fruit & banana pancakes (from the freezer).
  • Bangers & mash – a treat from our local butcher


  • Ham & Cheese sandwiches with fruit & Sultana Loaf (from the freezer) for a picnic lunch: work has a corporate ticket for Our Dynamic Earth, and I have booked it for the weekend!
  • Bean, Cumin & Carrot burgers again.  They were wonderful, and we have plenty of beans!  Small person remains to be convinced, though, so may have to put something else on her muffin….  Hoping to have a friend round for dinner too, so will make double quantities.

Quick Scone Recipe (Aunty Phyllis Cowell)

2 cups flour
1/4 cup cooking oil + 1 lightly beaten egg & top up with milk to 1 cup
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 level tablespoon sugar
4 teaspoons baking powder

1. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients & mix very lightly.
2. Pat out to 2-3cm thick on a floured board and cut with a floured scone cutter.
3. Bake at 230C for 12 minutes

I use this for both sweet scones and to make a savoury cobbler topping as I loathe the mess and hassle of rubbing fat into flour to make traditional scones.  You can add up to 1/4 cup of any fruit or nuts to the scone dough if you wish; and herbs or spices to the cobbler topping.  Melted butter works just as well as cooking oil, but you do need to measure it separately!


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Lessons in Money Management 101

5-year-old Miss F has just bumped into the perils of spending money you don’t yet have.

“Mummy, look, I found some money in my drawer!”

“Thank you, that’s just enough to pay me back for that small fluffy toy you wanted last week, and didn’t have enough money for. We agreed that you’d pay me back with your pocket money, so I’ll just sign off this I.O.U.”

“But, I wanted to go to the shops with that money! I hate I.O.U’s!”

Don’t we all….

She then asked if there was any way to earn more money.  I explained that it would have to be a job that I would usually do, rather than something she normally helped with anyway, and set her to polishing shoes at 20p per shoe (40p for Daddy’s size 12s) so the lesson will hopefully stick.